In the Surangama Sutra, it says that Aniruddha, the Arhat greatest with heavenly vision sees our section of the world system (i.e. Earth in the Milky Way) to be like an Amla fruit in his palm. (Well, Amla fruits are from India.)《楞严经》云,’阿那律见阎浮提如视掌中庵摩罗果’

This means he sees it completely. Some take this to refer to describing our world as round, which Amla is very much so; as in this world not being a flat earth. 

It also reminds me of the follow last scene in the first MIB movie, with giant aliens playing marbles with world systems:

Just like Sun Wukong could not escape from the Buddha’s palm, we can’t even escape from an Arhat’s palm!