[1]-[10] Fit, Drain, Still, Right, Distortion, More, Sides, Anchor, So Short, Consumption


[1] Fit

The fitting
need not be so
in expected ways.


[2] Drain

A smaller drain
draining rain into
a bigger drain.


[3] Still

Be still best you can
to see the fleeting
best you can.


[4] Right

With the right cause
and conditions,
there will be the right effect.


[5] Distortion

Is that seen
but distortion
of the actual?


[6] More

Look more deeply
to live more deeply.


[7] Sides

Always see both sides
before going ahead.


[8] Anchor

Is your anchor
your refuge
or bondage?


[9] So Short

So high
only for
so ‘long’.


[10] Consumption

Consume less
or be consumed
by more and more.

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