Acta, Please

Acta Non Verba

Acta Non Verba;
Actions, not words.

Only trust deeds,
not mere complaints and promises,
including yours.

New Year Or Day Resolution Quotes

Actions; not words.
(Acta Non Verba)

Waste no more time arguing
about what a good wo/man should be.
Be one.
– Marcus Aurelius

Character is revealed
through action.
– Aristotle

Character is made by many acts;
it may be lost by a single one.
– Aristotle

Character is destiny.
– Heraclitus

We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence is not an act;
but a habit.
– Will Durant

Do not be wise in words [only] –
be wise in deeds [too].
– Jewish Proverb

You are what you do,
not what you say you’ll do.
– Carl Jung

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