Stonepeace (931-940)


Admitting a mistake made
without making amends
is to make another mistake.


To always pretend
to be without fault
is to always be with fault.


Without personal analysis,
whose analysis should you believe in?
Even finding a good analysis needs your analysis.


Minimise the nonsensical
and maximise the sensible.


The foolish are impressed
by ‘great’ words of the foolish.
The wise are impressed
by great deeds of the wise.


Always be ruled
by your moral wisdom;
never by anyone
with anything else.


If weapon usage
cannot be controlled well,
weapon supply
must be controlled well.


If you always
play the victim in your life,
you will never
be the hero in anyone’s life,
not even in your own.


Those who confuse you
because they cannot convince you
are convinced they can confuse you.
Prove them otherwise.


The first thing not to waste
is precious time,
which is life itself –
both yours and others’.