#29: Wisdom Quotes Apr03


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#29: Wisdom Quotes

#29: Wisdom Quotes   

Below are quotes that resonate, from Leo Tolstoy’s ‘A Calendar Of Wisdom’.   

The truly noble person is the one who can easily forgive other people’s mistakes, while at the same time being so afraid of doing anything wrong himself. – Pliny the Younger

Apart from all the horrors and disasters arising from war, one of the greatest evils is the way it perverts our thinking: the existence of an army and the costs involved in supporting it need somehow or other to be explained. Since no rational explanation is possible, our reason becomes perverted. – Tolstoy

Can there be anything more absurd than the fact that people have the right to kill me simply because they live on the other side of the river, and because their ruler is quarrelling with mine, although I have not quarrel at all with them? – Tolstoy

You may be afraid of ignorance, doubt, work or inquiry, but that does not mean you lack wisdom. But if you pretend to know something that you in fact don’t know, then that means you are not a wise person. – Tolstoy

We need to learn a lot before we can recognise how little we know. – Montaigne, Essays

The possession of wealth is never satisfying. Our demand for more always grow as our wealth increases, so that the wealthier we are, the less satisfied we feel. – Tolstoy

People who have less than they would like should know that they have more than they deserve. – Lichtenberg, Notebooks

It is not the person who has little that is poor, but the person who wants more. – Seneca, MLL

There are two ways in which you can avoid falling into poverty: by becoming richer, and by not wanting so much. – Tolstoy

Love brings not only an inner spiritual joy to those who experience it, but it is also the main prerequisite for a peaceful, happy life. – Tolstoy