#30: Wisdom Quotes Apr03


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#30: Wisdom Quotes

#30: Wisdom Quotes

Below are quotes that resonate, from Leo Tolstoy’s ‘A Calendar Of Wisdom’.    

True love is not love for one person exclusively, but an emotional feeling for all people – a condition in which we are aware of the divine essence of our ‘soul’. – Tolstoy

Do not try to persuade others to love you. Love, and you will be loved. – From Pious Thoughts

The more love we show to others, the more we are loved in return. And the more we are loved, the easier it is for us to love others. Love is therefore without end. – Tolstoy

A good deed cannot be achieved without effort, but when we have done several good deeds, we find they have become a habit.- Tolstoy

To pay no attention to our health is to deprive ourselves of the possibility of serving others. To pay too much attention to it can lead to the same thing. There is only one way to achieve the right balance: to be concerned about our health in so far as it does not get in the way of serving others. – Tolstoy

There is no illness which can stop us from doing something which we ought to do. If you cannot serve others by working, then you can at least serve as an example of loving forbearance. – Tolstoy

Do not be afraid of illness, be afraid of a cure – not in the sense of harmful medication, but above all in the sense of seeing your illness as something that frees you from any moral demands. – Tolstoy

A large library distracts rather than educates the reader. It is much better to confine yourself to a few authors than to read a great many in a slipshod way. – Tolstoy

The proud man has no respect for himself, but only for other people’s opinions of him. – Tolstoy

A stupid person who is aware of his stupidity is not therefore entirely stupid. But the person who is quite sure that he is slever is undoubtedly not clever at all. – Buddhist wisdom (Dhammapada)