Death Reflection #4

From: ‘How To Die: An Ancient Guide to the End of Life’ by Seneca, edited, translated, and introduced by James S. Romm:

Quote: [A]ll things that seem to die are in fact only transformed; thus the one who will return to the world should leave it with equanimity. Just look at how the circuit of the universe returns upon itself. You will see that nothing in this cosmos is extinguished, but everything falls and rises by turns. The summer departs, but the year will bring another; winter falls away, but its own months will restore it.

Thought: Life that ends is reborn in another form. Such is the cycle of rebirth in nature. Even the liberated takes another ‘form’. If so, why have particular attachment or aversion to this unenlightened life? Since there will be another life, all the matters is how we live now – to ensure the next life will be better, for advancing towards liberation.

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