Death Reflection #3

From: ‘How To Die: An Ancient Guide to the End of Life’ by Seneca, edited, translated, and introduced by James S. Romm:

Quote: Those who have learnt how to die have unlearned how to be slaves. It is a power above, and beyond all other powers. What matter to them the prison-house, the guards, the locks? They have a doorway of freedom. There’s only one chain that holds us in bondage, the love of life. If it can’t be cast off, let it be this diminished that, if at some point circumstance demands it, nothing will stop or deter us from making ourselves ready to do at once what needs to be done. (Epistle 26.8-10)

Thought: Learn to be not enslaved to attachment to life itself. The doorway to freedom should not be meaningless suicide though, (which purposeful sacrifice is not). With the most meaningful destination in mind, that can be reached in the next life with practice now, all the obstacles in the way become inconsequential. The path of letting go attachment begins now, so that full letting go can be done as swiftly as possible when needed.