Death Reflections #2 May12


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Death Reflections #2

From: ‘How To Die: An Ancient Guide to the End of Life’ by Seneca, edited, translated, and introduced by James S. Romm:

Quote: Because these examples [of death] are so frequent [in his writings] and so grim, modern readers have sometimes found Seneca’s writings to be macabre or death obsessed. But Seneca might reply that such readers are life obsessed, deluding themselves with a denial of the importance of death. Dying, for him, was one of the essential functions of living, and the only one that could not be learned or refined by repetition. Because we will die only once, and quite possibly without advance warning, it’s essential that we prepare ourselves ahead of time and be ready at all times. (Introduction)

Thought: Facing of death as an impending reality is never grim, but is what should be done. Living well without dying well is yet to have lived well enough. Since death cannot be experienced repeatedly in this life, it should be reflected upon repeatedly instead.