What You Control (Jan 9)

Further Reflections


Control what you can control well.
Ignore what you cannot control at all.


Learn to choose better.
Learn to reject better too.


Others’ opinions are just their opinions.
Your opinions are just your opinions too.
Make sure they align with truth.


There are worldly desires
that lead to more worldly desires.
There are spiritual desires
that lead to less worldly desires.


Only have aversion towards impurity,
so as to be attracted to purity.


Our bodies, things and reputation
do not truly belong to us,
or we would never be sick,
lose things and be spoken ill of.

Thus, to be more free,
take reasonable care of them,
but be less attached to them.


You cannot change all things now,
but you can decide how to view them now.


To be as powerful as you can,
take full control of your choices
by choosing well,
with as much compassion and wisdom as you have.

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