Surrender All Else (Jan 12)

(Stoicism’s universal principles speak
of ‘God and fortune’ in a general sense,
that can be simply be thought of as ‘Karma’.)

Further Reflections


What you can control are your choices,
not others’ choices,
even if they affect you,
but you still have choices
on how to respond
if they affect you.


You cannot be free
from your freedom to choose.
Use this ‘trap’ to further free yourself.


The results of our actions
depend on both past karmas
and present efforts
(which create present karmas).

Just do your best
with your past karmas,
as you creater better present efforts.


Past karmas will transpire or expire,
unless they are disabled in time,
while present karmas
will bear fruits sooner or later,
unless they are disabled in time too.
(Karma is thus dynamic.)


The only way to cast your destiny in stone
is to keep creating the appropriate karmas,
till they are non-retrogressible.

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